You are hacked ? ERALYS will help you

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You have been hacked


Ransomware and Zero day, Cyber attacks are multiplying and are now attacking even small entities in all sectors of activity.


You are a victim of a cyber attack, your system is infected or is locked with a ransom demand?


You are in an emergency, destitute situation


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The vast majority of organizations are not prepared for such situations, and now it is too late!

In any case, for small entities, SMEs, SMIs, beyond basic technical means, they do not have the capacity to put in place the necessary sophisticated means, tools and fighting skills.


This is why we have decided to help

by making our specialized tools available,

with an offer adapted for these structures.


Of course we don't leave anyone out and larger structures are also welcome.



In this emergency situation, the objective is:

1 - to help you quickly identify and define the nature and extent of the problem

2 - to avoid if possible a total paralysis, or to allow a minimal, partial restart without delay and in complete safety

3 - if necessary, provide you with alternative solutions and accompany the return to a normal situation



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