The time saving account, a trend?

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time saving account


Time is money


In our modern times, for all of us, as for companies, time is scarce in the face of our growing ambition, and the boundaries between personal time and socio-professional time are blurring.


Time is so valuable, so it has value and can be given a price.

Which probably explains why the Time Savings Account was invented.


Is Time Saving Account a new trend?

In France for example, this has existed for many years.

Luxembourg comes to institute it.


What is the Time Savings Account?

The Time Savings Account (TSA) is a system which, according to the terms and principles, rules or a law, an agreement between employer and employee makes it possible to relate to an individual account times which after "saving" it may later be "consumed" or compensated.


In its general principle, the system can be interesting and respond to organizational needs for working time, both for individuals and for organizations.

The difficulty arises in the implementation because each organization, each company, each professional branch, each country defines its system with its own rules, its limits, its thresholds, its criteria,...

The extreme variability and customization of TSA systems is an obstacle to the existence of standard software solutions.

Therefore it is difficult, if not impossible to find simple and adapted tools ready for use in the market and the management of the TSA quickly becomes tedious because very (or entirely) manual, in all cases proportionally expensive.


If you are interested in setting up such a TSA system, we have treated this subject through a Use Case that you can consult and which shows how our Information Management System provides you with all the necessary tools to manage that.

In few clicks with I.M.S. you can run your own TSA management system.

For any question, please come in touch, you are welcome.