|2| About worktime presence and absence management in remote working context

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Moving from the physical, face-to-face world to the digital, mobile and remote world


Globalisation, digitalisation with the development of mobile networks, social networks and connected objects are profoundly changing our environment and in particular our relationship to work and its organisation.

A Facebook+ alternative

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The debate on the protection of personal data, positioning and practices of GAFAM is currently raging, with the detonator for the general public being Facebook's announcement of changes to WhatsApp's terms of use to arrogate to itself the right to collect and transfer data to the group (and thus exploit it for its benefit).



Notaries, Lawyers your 5 challenges

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Your professions are essentially characterized by two fundamental aspects: confidentiality and acts (documents).

The Covid-19, because of the barriers and containment measures, is a brake to the meeting with your customers and imposes on you the digitalization and a deep change in the management of your customer relationship, otherwise already started.

Two elements that also impact your internal work organization, your employees and require you to take into account new aspects and regulatory frameworks.


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