Spreadsheet - Why are we using it so much?

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 01/29/2019 - 18:48


Despite the plethora of software, from the most comprehensive to the most sophisticated available on the market, the spreadsheet is still widely used. Why?

It is the individual ultimate tool.

Simple, flexible it is at the hands of the user who builds his own tools and solutions, adapted to his own needs, to his own way of working.

Originally, the spreadsheet is a calculation tool. But it soon became a tool for presenting tables of numbers to which arithmetic operations apply in a column and / or in a row, and where appropriate accompanied by graphs based on the numerical values processed.

Its structuring in table of rows / columns, by analogy with the recordings / fields of a table, spontaneously made a database of it.

Besides the database, these graphical representations of numbers made it a dashboard tool, and its layout functions a presentation tool in array / list mode.

And it has become a universal communication tool, a universal IT interface standard, technologically and because of its use by everyone.

It responds to myriad needs, complete and provides solutions that the application softwares, the IT system do not offer to his users. Simple, flexible, fast, costless, his employment cases are infinite, only limited by the creativity of his users.


His strength puts his limits: individual tool, personal, he is completely autonomous and independent. He lives outside the SI.


So how to reconcile all the advantages of a spreadsheet, a tool centered on the individual, the user, very flexible with the wealth, the power of an Information System shared by a lot of people?

This is exactly what Eralys offers with its I.M.S. (Information Management System) platform.


As an example, use I.M.S. with its data like a spreadsheet. Add, move, delete columns, filter and order rows.

With the advantage that your table is automatically always updated.