Share and work together online on your Office documents

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Make it easy to work online on Office documents alone, or with others in real time!


At a time of CODIV-19 and therefore of remote work, opt for an online sharing and collaboration solution on your favorite and daily used Office tools.


What are the important issues ?

  • be able to be operational immediately, in just a few minutes or hours, and available, usable on Mobile or Desktop,
  • very good compatibility with Office tools and the most used type of files, safe, with good protection and confidentiality of data (sometimes special standards are required as the ISO 27000 security standard or more specific to financial activities (PCI DSS) or health (HDS-EU - HIPAA-US), and guarantee the storage of information is in Europe (or local: country, area),
  • also respecting the European directive of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or others appropriate.


So how can Eralys help you ?



[2] Use Eralys Cloud Office solution

Accumulate the benefits of the Cloud which is particularly suitable for storage, exchange, sharing of files and also offers file synchronization between different devices, and the flexibility of your familiar and usual Office tools and files.

Upload your DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, ODT, ODS, ODP, CSV, TXT, PDF, etc... files into the Cloud... or

Create online your new Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations files.

Manage your file organization as you like using a similar user interface as on your desktop the file explorer.

Synchronize files if you use multiple devices.

Manage access rights, sharing rights between users and even guests.

Collaborate with several people online and edit the same document in real time.

Manage document versions, comment online and chat while working on a document.

Use MeeTalk to organize audio calls and video conferences and share and work directly with your Office documents online.


What else ?

Of course all this in complete safety and by directly controlling your data, your files, the access rights.

The whole link between your device and the server is encrypted, and you can even encrypt your files from start to end (subject to accepting to lose the possibilities of online editing).


You use Sharepoint, Alfresco, Confluence, OwnCloud, NextCloud, DropBox and others office applications, Contact, Agenda, e-Mail, interfaces exist.


Particularly useful and suitable for:


  • a company that will have a safe and controlled environment to allow its employees to work together in a private space as they did on its premises,

  • avoid the dispersion of documents, data and information by all people on all their devices, outside the company,

  • Legal, financial, technical, commercial services which work mainly with Office files and tools and collaborate with each other,

  • Commercial and legal, purchasing departments preparing proposal documents, presentations and negotiating contracts,

  • Lawyers, notaries for whom confidentiality is often an essential element,

  • Health sector,

  • R & D and technical services for technical documentation, manufacturing documents, user guides,

  • Management for presentation, mail, budgets and reporting,

  • and so much more...


Of course we respond to all the issues mentioned in the introduction.

If you are interested to know more about our Cloud Office solution, please visit our Use Case section.

For any question, please come in touch, you are welcome.