In a open world, fully interconnected and fully digitalized, where information flows continuously and in real time, security, i.e. protection, confidentiality, integrity, authenticity but also traffic, availability, continuity takes a decisive place.


From a model where data sources were few, data static, private so hidden and therefore rare, difficult to access, we moved to an open and dynamic model where sources are infinite, issued, received, processed by billions of people, billions of devices.


In this context many products, many players exist on the market, specializing in physical security, equipment security, network security, data security, etc... 

Eralys as a web services provider, together with our hosting providers, of course implement in our architectures the necessary security components and procedures.

As a global and open, independent player, security is a fundamental strategic criterion, which means that we take a number of specific provisions that enhance security. Our Information Management System with Smart Hybrid Connectivity eco-system integrates security by design and our operational organization as well.


But the question is now : what about cyber-security ?

With the increasing magnitude and frequency of cyber attacks, how can we stay ahead of possible threads to counter and mitigate ?

How to make Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment ?


To meet this challenge, Eralys has an R&D team that works very upstream on cybersecurity issues and who has developed a very sharp know-how and created unique tool boxes.

With Strategic Defense certificate, our team with our Cybernetic Services Platform covers the fields of Cyber Warfare, Cyber Range, Simulation, Control Command, Cyber Defense Center and implements advanced technologies in the field of Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Setting up and managing constantly developing all the essential elements to ensure cybersecurity is totally out of reach for small and medium enterprises, difficult and unreasonable for large groups and up to many governments.

That's why Eralys do not sell hardware, software but provides services and tools for awareness, watch, prevention, assessment, certification of devices and firmwares, softwares, training, risk management and crisis management.



Unified Application Security Testing (Dev/Ops)


Devices, Services, Applications Certification


Watch, Continuous Measurement, Analyze, Defend


Prevent, Train, Simulate, Cyber Security Center, Risk management, Recovery


Answer is simple:

Just plug to Eralys Cybernetic Services Platform.

That's it!


alert In case of attack!