Treatments become eventful, massive, parallel, agile, intelligent, collaborative and extended.

The challenge is to be able to process such gigantic data volumes and to adapt and evolve very fast to the context.


From few unitary treatments, sequential, very stable and internal to multiple treatments, in parallel, adaptive, cooperative and extended.


In an open, global, connected and mobile world, the processes no longer are limited to the inside of the company. They take place accros the planet and affect all the actors, data sources and devices involved in the chain. And as the data sources have become infinite and the flows continuous with the parameters, the conditions constantly changing, process must take into account all contributions from wherever they come, also from robots, thinks.


The question is : how can I extend my processes to the world and take into account such diversity and such volumes of information, of events and make the whole efficient?



hybrid connection
Connect anything to anything


Data processing
Automate processes.


Answer is simple:

Just plug to Eralys Smart Hybrid Connectivity and Information Management System platform.

That's it!