Notaries, Lawyers your 5 challenges

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Notaries, lawyers and client


Your professions are essentially characterized by two fundamental aspects: confidentiality and acts (documents).

The Covid-19, because of the barriers and containment measures, is a brake to the meeting with your customers and imposes on you the digitalization and a deep change in the management of your customer relationship, otherwise already started.

Two elements that also impact your internal work organization, your employees and require you to take into account new aspects and regulatory frameworks.


In this context, undergone and immediately applicable, how to adapt?


Two operational aspects are particularly important:

  • Distance: how to work remotely with the client while maintaining the required confidentiality?
  • Documents: how to move from the paper world to the digital world?


And as a corollary

  • How to ensure the security of transactions, exchanges and documents?
  • How to ensure my compliance and that of the acts with the applicable legal and regulatory framework (especially in terms of customer identification, signature, but also in terms of data protection)?


  • How to organize my processes and the work of my teams, especially when people are working remotely, and in the context of the Covid can be suddenly unavailable,
  • How can I make sure that documents and exchanges are protected and do not remain on the workstation of collaborators (externally and not shared), and that confidentiality and security are guaranteed?
  • And how do I process all this without delay and at the best possible cost?



This is where we can help you


To meet your 5 challenges:

  • confidentiality,
  • digitization,
  • work processes and organization,
  • security,
  • regulatory compliance


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