Ooops, your system just ran into a problem !

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 03/16/2021 - 14:51
Ooops I lost my data and IT


The cases of hacking, ransom demands are multiplying. But there may also be lots other reasons that deprive you unexpectedly and completely of your data and IT.


As for example

  • today the fire on a site of the EU hosting company OVH in Strasbourg - France which destroyed servers, data, backups
  • or your own premise who suffers a serious incident
  • regional infrastructure destroyed or down

You find yourselves in a state of complete destitution, your activities stopped. Panic on board!
You are in absolute emergency!


Ooops Scenari

It is not possible in these situations to get back in a few minutes, hours.

This will take time, probably days, maybe weeks!


How can you do?


  • The very first problem will be how to communicate, exchange with its customers, suppliers, partners !
    • By what means of communication, and how do I find their contact information?


  • The second point immediately after is how I will be able to organize myself and the team work in a stressful situation and with too many concrete problems to deal with and issues to solve
    • How to facilitate and lighten the workload of employees and ensure optimal internal operations?
    • How to manage all this?


  • In third place will come the question of how to ensure the operational functioning of the activities
    • How to ensure deliveries, after-sales service?
    • How to find and manage appointments, planning, deadlines?
    • How to find and manage stocks, orders, deliveries?
    • How to find and manage interventions and personnel?
    • How to manage supplies, production?
    • How to manage the Quality of Services, invoicing?
    • How to manage the sales force, the business portfolio?
    • ...


Let us show you how we can help you, in all circumstances, thanks to the architecture of our Information Management System platform (I.M.S.)


You will be able to start working in just a few minutes !





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