Front office

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Whatever the activity, even an individual one, it must be organised to a minimum and on the one hand it must interface with third parties, in particular its customers.


We are talking here about front office


We all use a number of tools, such as an address book and a calendar, which are usually associated with the means of communication such as mobile phone, e-mail.

However, these tools are originally, above all, designed and oriented for personal, individual use and do not meet more elaborate, specific needs that are useful or necessary for the management of a company and a collective working and for businesses.

And for activities that work with a general public clientele, such as the health sector, notaries, lawyers, appointment scheduling is an important, sometimes even crucial, complex to manage and time-consuming element. As a factor in the individual and collective productivity of an organisation, it also has a strategic interest in attracting customers, contributing to the quality of services perceived by customers.


There are several difficulties:

  • an address book does not constitute a customer file
  • calendar
    • is not a planning or organisational tool,
    • nor a management tool for making appointments
  • these tools and applications are very diverse and, above all, they are autonomous and their functionalities are not integrated into the global working environment with all its features



How can you do?


If you use our private cloud solution, you can use within it, fully integrated the following features:

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • E-mail
  • Online appointment booking

Accumulate the benefits of the Eralys Communication, File Management and online Office files sharing and working solution which is particularly suitable.

Our solution offers file and data synchronisation with your desktop, laptop and mobile devices and plug-in connectors API with some market leading applications.


How does it work?


Create contacts or import it from VCF/Vcard file.

Contacts can be shared.

You can export and synchronise Contacts with desktop, mobile address books

What makes the difference?

All in One integration with other Cloud's apps! Calendar, E-mail, Tasks, File Management, Communication,...

No need to navigate between your applications and manage your multiple address books. Everything is always at your fingertips anywhere and up to date!



Contact application




Even if e-mail is not the most effective and it is  insecure means of communication, it is so common place that it should be possible to use it.

That is why we have an e-mail option in our Cloud.

You can set multiple e-mail accounts i.g. personal, company accounts.


What makes the difference?

All in One integration with other Cloud's apps! Contacts, Calendars and Files,...

No need to navigate between your e-mail application and Cloud's applications. Everything is always at your fingertips anywhere and up to date at one place!



Our Cloud e-mail

mail application


Lots of notaries, lawyers and people use public e-mail (gmail, yahoo,...) also for their business.
This is not safe.

  • We can provide you with your own business e-mail




You can create calendars, e.g. one per employee/user and set colors for each one to distinguish them

You can share calendars with Cloud's Users and Groups a useful feature when working together with other people in your organisation.

Calendars can be published through a public link to make them viewable (read-only) to external users or you can embed your calendar into public pages of your website

You can subscribe to outside iCal calendars directly inside your Cloud to synchronise your events.

You can set advanced details for events such as the Location, a Description, Attendees, Reminders, Chat-Meeting Room, set the event as a repeating-event, set timezone per event for international meetings,...


Our Cloud Calendar

Calendar application

Calendar view and list view available.
One colour for each calendar.





Highly customizable, feature-rich scheduling application with our Cloud's Calendar application integration, it is supported by all CalDAV compatible calendars.

It can be published through a public link or on our Cloud Home page to external users or you can embed it into public pages of your website.

A must have for the health sector, and all those whose activity is based on making appointments with a public clientele i.e. lawyers , notaries, delivery services... especially individual and small organisations



Our Cloud appointment app
Appointment application
Set day, time range, time slots,....



That's it!

Get started immediately, offer modern tools and gain customers, increase the quality of services while optimising your internal organisation, vector of productivity gains.

And no problem, you can also work using your existing by migrating, or synchronising your data with Thunderbird, Google, Android, iOS, MacOS, KDE Gnome, Window 10...