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Whatever the activity, even an individual one, it must be organised to a minimum and where there are volumes or several people employed by an organisation, this is important for effective work.


We are talking here about back office

  • Tasks and work organization
  • Procedures and processes
  • Document management


With globalisation, mobility, digitalisation and remote working, in addition to appropriate modern tools there is also a need for a good organisation of tasks and clear and efficient processes to guarantee quality, safety and efficiency.

Also, it must be possible to monitor the progress of work and run smooth flows and procedures.

Finally, there must be rigorous document management (paper and digital), optimised processing due to the large volumes involved and efficient storage solution that complies with regulatory requirements, particularly in terms of archiving and protection.


There are several difficulties:

  • How to organise work that is often split up over time, where a step depends on information or a document, or on the intervention of a third party as an input?
  • How can we streamline working ensure that there are no omissions, duplicate processing or backlogs when several people in mobility, at a distance and in free working mode are involved?
  • How can we streamline the processing of volumes of paper documents, digitise them, store them and build up a complete electronic archive, always having them at hand?
  • How can we simply and efficiently collect and trace the time spent by each person on a file in order to justify and determine what is billable to the client and what is not?



How can you do?


If you use our private cloud solution, you can use within it, fully integrated the following features:

  • Tasks
  • Times tracking
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Users and Groups
  • OCR
  • Production of PDF files and conversion of files to PDF
  • Flow (file workflow engine)

Accumulate the benefits of the Eralys Communication, File Management and online Office files sharing and working solution as well as Contacts, Calendars, which is particularly suitable.


How does it work?


Create tasks, edit their title, description, start and due dates and mark them as important, set priority....

Support sub-tasks.

Tasks can be shared between users and you will see it in shared Calendars.

Tasks can be synchronized to your local client - Thunderbird, Evolution, KDE Kontact, iCal,…

You can download your tasks as ICS files.

What makes the difference?

All in One integration with other Cloud's apps!

No need to navigate between your applications and manage your multiple devices and apps. Everything is always at your fingertips anywhere and up to date, shared with others as needed!


Our Cloud Tasks Detail View

Task application



Time tracking

As a Notary, a Lawyer (also others), it is important to be able to track the time each one, case of all, pass on a file, for a client.

Here you can create Project files linked to a Client and Tasks linked to the Project files.

Then it is very easy: just start the timer by a click and stop it, time is recorded.

Use the Tag option to mark tasks to be billed to the customer.

Manual time type in is also available.

Dashboard and Report.

You can export the data.


What makes the difference?

All in One integration with other Cloud's apps!

No need to navigate between applications. Everything is always at your fingertips anywhere and up to date at one place!



Our Cloud Time Tracking - Click the timer

Timer Time Tracking

Report view

mail application





You can use Comments with Users and Groups management and File Access Control and Tags as  process tool, e.g. for checking or validation processes.


The Workflow engine can be used to configure and run tasks e.g. modify the tag for a file by conditions. 

This allows you to define and control the course of a process.


Our Cloud Flow engine

Automation flow tool

Could be used to automate processes.




Document Management

Document management is very much a matter for File management application and for Working with the Office Online application, which is presented elsewhere.

Here hereinafter we mention the other aspects with a lot of very smart and useful, and important tools to process Documents in your back office.


PDF Viewer application

is a smart tool because it allows to consult the content of a PDF file on one click without requirement to download the file or open a PDF reader application.

Inside the Cloud an standard files directories and the one environment you can open, consult, close (and download if needed) any PD file, making things very comfortable.



Our Cloud PDF Viewer app
PDF Viewer application
Navigate through pages, select view size, zoom,...



File conversion to PDF files

Working massively with Office files, it is very useful and important to be able to easily convert them into PDF files, especially for the following reasons:

  • for legal and finalised documents, it is important to freeze the content (no subsequent changes should be made)
  • to ensure that the document is properly formatted and can be used on any device and printed on any printer, the PDF format is the standard
  • in order to guarantee the use of the Document over time, the PDF / A standard (iso 19005) is often legally imposed by the authorities, and this is particularly important in terms of long-term archiving

What makes the difference?

All in One integration with other Cloud's apps!

No need to navigate between applications.

Two way to proceed available :

  • directly in the Cloud Office application, you can save the file in PDF format,
  • using our Flow engine you can run as required (e.g. each night) a batch process that make this files conversion for you. Especially helpful if you have huge file backlog to convert.



Our Cloud PDF Conversion solution

Save your Office file in PDF form

OnlyOffice Save file as PDF
Select PDF or PDFA icone to save the file


Setup a batch Office Files conversion

Workfow file to PDF conversion application
Let the workfow do the job for you




Optical Character Recognition


This app makes it possible to process files (images files with text content - scanned document files) via OCR algorithms to provide the text file.


This can be useful e.g.

  • to obtain a text file copy from an image file to open search option in this files
  • to obtain a text sourced from a scanned document e.g. a charge payment receipt, to be able to proceed the data in a finance our accounting application.



Our Cloud OCR solution
OCR Processing workflow
Setup your OCR file process using our Cloud workflow engine



Full Text Search engine

When managing very large quantities of documents, it can be very useful to have a text search engine to scroll in the content of the documents themselves.

Our Cloud Full Text Search Engine can do that for you :

  • index your files (encrypted files cannot be proceed)
  • Search in all indexed files




Our Cloud Full Text Search solution
Full Text Search application
Find the text in all indexed files



Archive your Documents

Archiving your documents is very important, especially for legal and regulatory reasons that impose retention periods.

Here hereinafter we show you how you can do in our Cloud solution to archive your documents - files.

  1. create your Archives directory as you like in the Cloud
  2. be sure you have your documents available in PDF/A form available (you can use the PDF converter workflow)
  3. optionally encrypt them (warning you must organise capability to uncrypt them over long time)
  4. copy or move your files to the Archives folders as required



We recommend that you consult our Use Case Create your archives



That's it!

Get started immediately. Easily enter the paperless world, automate tasks with no added value, gain in productivity while improving quality, traceability, operation and working life for everyone.