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At Eralys we put Users at the centre and we are champions of free software, so our solutions are as open to the client's existing situation as we respect these choices, and we therefore offer the possibility of working as well as possible with other solutions and products on the market.


Indeed, we have our habits, our preferred solutions, solutions that have a specific functionality that we want to keep, perhaps a whole set, an ecosystem in place and therefore a completely new, fully integrated solution is hardly acceptable.

And of course we don't have all the solutions, nor systematically the best one, i.e. the one that is best adapted to your needs, your context.

We have built a whole ecosystem, as complete and homogeneous as possible, but with this objective, this particularity of offering you "services" (elementary functionalities) that leave you, each one, free to build your own SA solution.  
Our concern is also to give you full control.


For our "services" based on "Cloud" infrastructure components (here in the sense of storage and file management), complemented by communication, individual productivity and collaboration components,

We offer options for interfacing and interacting with products on the market, especially the most widespread ones. 

Below you will find a list of products.



In the Cloud File storage products

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Zimbra Drive

By using our Cloud External Storage solution, you can use your existant files stored in your Product inside our Eralys Cloud and decide to store files from our Cloud in your file storage Product.

We offer also data migration tools if you decide to switch from your File Storage Product to our Eralys Cloud solution.

Other generic technical interfaces can also be implemented: FTP, sFTP, WebDav, Openstack Object Storage, Amazon S3, IPFS, etc.


Our Cloud External Storage interface

External storage application

Just configure and use your product with its files in our Cloud.
Combine the functionalities of both worlds.



Communication, individual and collaboration

  • e-mail
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Office applications

    Eralys Cloud solution offers numerous options:

    • Windows 10 (contacts, calendar,...)
    • MS Outlook (e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks)
    • AfterLogic (e-mail Client)
    • RainLoop (e-mail Client)
    • Thunderbird (e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks)
    • Gmail (Office files, +...)
    • Collabora (Office applications)
    • LibreOffice (Office applications)

    Other generic technical interfaces can also be used: LDAP, DAVx5, CalDAV, CardDAV, ICS synchronisation tools.




    Lots of options are available for you in our Cloud:

    Single Sign on, OpenID, TwoFactorAuthentification,
    SocialNetwork: Twitter, FaceBook, Circles,...
    Notes, SMS,...

    So it is easy to mix apps.



    Even though we will always do our best for you, as we can,

    You must be aware (and accept) that you may have functional limitations and that important aspects relating to security, confidentiality, data protection and compliance with applicable regulations cannot be met and that this may expose you to risks.

    Developments of various products and applications by different designers and vendors can also lead to problems and inconsistencies or even incompatibilities.
    Under no circumstances can Eralys commit itself, and therefore can not be held responsible for the consequences suffered by customers, users of Eralys Cloud services together with external third party products.


    That's it !

    Feel free to build YOUR solution as you like. YOU decide !