My data belongs to me and it's me who decides!

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Data protection


As we move more and more into a digital and connected, globalized world

  • we are asked more and more to provide information,
  • we produce and disseminate a lot of information,
  • our information are scattered and circulated, stored and even exploited without our knowledge.


Have you noticed the exponential increase in the number of laws and regulatory constraints, the number of requests, authorizations, reports and declarations, the number of information, the number of times and the number of entities to whom your information have to be provided or that collect it?

That's as many administrative, financial, tax and other bodies that dispose and process your data, so many sites, computers and other devices, and more people again, who we know nothing or so little!


Digitization, globalization, and especially the emergence of social networks, planetary, and even the irruption of the Internet of Things, amplify the phenomenon, exposing additional information, more personal, private, intimate, lifestyle-related as they abolish borders.

This poses security problems, but it is also very cumbersome, inefficient and therefore costly, expensive in resources and impacting on the environment.

Of course, it is not a question of suppressing information exchanges, of reducing useful and necessary communication, but it is necessary to act to improve data protection, limit security risks, reduce costs for individuals and businesses, organizations, to simplify, save resources and reduce the environmental impact.


At Eralys we think globally about problems and we develop simple solutions, easy and less expensive to implement, within the reach of everyone.


Our solutions follow two guidelines:

  • everyone must manage and control their data and be able to decide what they communicate, for what, to whom, how and for how long,
  • since everything is interconnected and accessible from everywhere, immediately, data must be unique to be reliable and up to date.


A single piece of information, one unique data makes its producer responsible who can not discard, avoids having to deal continuously with the maintenance of an exponential number of information systems, applications, breaks the fake news, reduces to a minimum the burden of compliance and due diligences, etc...

Nobody is better placed than the producer of information to manage it, so the source must master their data.

This requires changing (reversing) the currently prevailing approach, which was adapted to the time when the information was contained on a physical medium and that one had to physically move the medium and people.


It is possible to act in this direction, immediately, individually, without having to wait for others, institutions, a challenge to all existing systems, new laws, and without investment and without having to give up facilities and services, things we want.


At a time when we talk about data protection, trust, security, sustainability, preserving resources and the environment, of social responsibility, to find ways to save money, innovate and build the future, Eralys with its solutions acts very concretely by offering you all, individuals and organizations, companies in the world to join us.


Follow our next publications and discover our practical and simple cases of use for everyday use.