Moving into digital brings new challenges

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 12:49
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As we move into the digital world, we are confronted with new problems:

  • a multiplicity and an incommensurable heterogeneity of information, actors, applications,
  • and an apparent contradiction between a open communication to the whole world and the preservation of privacy and business confidentiality through the protection and control of its information.

Digitizing information and circulating it is not really a problem anymore. On the other hand, have a global view of your information scattered across the planet and dozens, and even hundreds of actors and more applications, in your smartphones, tablets, PCs and business IT systems, then manage them, keeping all up to date, in short, mastering them and simplifying your life for smooth, efficient, a smart information management is a real headache!

We all live this everyday. We can no longer remember where we have communicated and stored our information, to whom and in what circumstances we have done it. And when we find and consult a place, a document, it is almost impossible to know if we have the latest version, up to date...

Because in fact, most of the time we duplicate the storage of our information on our various devices, in our multiple applications to have them everywhere at hand.

But this is also the result of the market and the players. Each application has its own design, its own scope and target. And of course, each actor wants to provide a stand-alone product to be independent. And in addition, even if it announces that you can exchange, synchronize data with others, it will seek to become and remain your master solution provider and to keep you captive. This is the law of the business world, especially when competition is fierce.


At the private level of course, but also at the level of companies, institutions, control and protection of its information is crucial. As well as is the efficiency, the ability to automate non-value-added and mass treatments and to obtain a fluid process, while providing human actors with the means of control and validation and to generate value.

Today, it is the market, it is the others who impose their rules, their laws and require you to provide them and entrust your information (in all conscience, but also often in all discretion) and who use it as they like.

So, what if you reverse the situation?


Eralys with its Information Management System, its Smart Hybrid Communication platform and its Cybersecurity platform, gives you the means for.