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Digitalisation impacts all players in the health and wellness industry


relation patient professionnels de sante


Health and well-being have become important, even essential concerns in our modern societies.


Technologies have become indispensable, unavoidable.


Digitalisation is changing the management of data and the relationships between and with clients-patients, industry and sector players and institutions.


From a "technical" point of view, data, their management, processing, sharing and exchange flows with their procedures and evolving technologies, their exploitation, conservation and protection constitute a crucial element.

Connected objects, sources of information, are multiplying up to the level of clients-patients, of the public who adopt them and use them in their daily lives, in their activities and even record and monitor their parameters in real time. They become fully involved actors.

The problem is that these connected objects (especially for the general public) are above all "sensors", "terminals" and they are multiple, disparate. In addition products and related apps evolve a lot, quickly and more and more come up to the market.

Nevertheless, they provide interesting information for the medical and paramedical profession, for life science institutions, healthcare institutions, and sometimes even vital information for individuals and saving their life !


This raises the question of how to integrate all these resources and data into a coherent global view, while meeting everyone's needs and objectives, and while preserving and guaranteeing the security, protection and confidentiality of personal data, when they have also become a marketable, commercial value!


In this context, in the face of challenges, we can offer everyone: patients, medical and paramedical staff, institutions, a response adapted to their needs and their own environment, flexible, scalable, efficient through an easy-to-use interface with the highest degree of reliability, security and privacy at reasonable cost.


Let's start with the basics


  • our Services As A Solution are modular, flexible, scalable, adaptable, customisable,
  • our solutions are User-centric and follow the "No/Low Code" approach by offering users direct possibilities to define their own working language, currency, tools, views, lists, dashboards, also data, processes, automation, forms, and to choose to share them or not and with whom,
  • our Services As A Solution adapt to you, to your environment and do not force you to abandon an existing solution, but usefully complement and enrich it,
  • our Services As A Solution are provided by our technical platforms, all of which based entirely on free and open source components (independent of any product or application supplier, and therefore of any commercial dependence, lobbying or monopoly situation),
  • our Services As A Solution and our technical environments comply with general and specific regulations applicable to the health sector (EU GDPR, US HIPAA & HITEC, EU et F HDS, ISO 27000, SOC,...), with standards and guarantee you interaction capacities as well as easy reversibility, (see our Privacy Policy)
  • as we are fiercely independent and concerned about controlling our data and processing, we guarantee that our IT resources are not ISP's shared with other companies cloud servers (VPS) and that the servers and applications are directly administered by us, and that you have direct and permanent control over your data, their storage locations and users access management.



Two areas of infrastructure


Our solutions are essentially based on two fundamental components

  • a technical component based on the collection, storage and sharing of files with the associated Office and collaborative work tools, the audio and video communication and messaging tools.
  • a component technically oriented towards processing, application and business algorithms, process management, automation, and event management, based on databases.

The services of each of the two components can be used autonomously, separately or naturally combined, depending on the needs.



Some examples of applications


My medical record

Offer your customers and patients their own Personal Digital Health or Wellness Record under your label to distinguish yourself in your market while benefiting from a more efficient and privileged means of relationship management, with remote and continuous monitoring and measurement possibilities.

Tele consultation

Offer your customers and patients online appointment booking and the possibility of tele-consultations and more new services (documentation, advices, practical sheets, recommendations, private chat, webinar, video,...)


Propose to your customers, patients, to be able to follow continuously, periodically the effects of your recommendations or treatments to adapt them, optimize them, and for this purpose to collect from their specialized devices or/and their inputs their data, external information


pharma industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, communication and customer relationship management are key factors

Set up efficient tools for your medical representatives, for your marketing campaigns, for your communications and exchanges with doctors, pharmacies, stockists, and manager.



As a coach, fitness center or sports team manager, set up a records management system with tools for collecting, recording and analysing data according to actions, activities and visualise, compare on a timeline.


If you are concerned with people's well-being, implement a solution that allows easy collection of useful parameters such as activities, sleep, feelings for analysis over time and comparison with targets (i.e elderly, depressed, burn out,...).

surveillence medicale

Monitor vital parameters of people and according to events, thresholds, trigger automatic alerts, send messages, trigger actions.




And so much more for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research center, operational management of resources, stocks, HR, planning, on-call duty, training, invoicing, administrative and financial management, suppliers,...