Information comes from data

In a growing, gigantic and continuous flow of data, the challenge is as much to find and select the right data that gives the right information that is needed, as to detect and understand the information available that could be usefull.


From a model where data sources were few, data static, private so hidden and therefore rare, difficult to access, we moved to an open and dynamic model where sources are infinite, public, data are ephemeral and accessible to everyone.


In an open, connected and mobile world, all is in move and therefore data are valuable only coupled to the time. Let's say data is event or event is data. Processing as much data at this speed simply goes beyond human capabilities and is not compatible with management systems designed for static, very structured and hierarchical data management systems and long complex and structured processes in accordance with.


The question is : how do I go from one model to another to enrich my existing with this abundand wealth of data and exploit it, but also to make sure to stay in the race?


Build your data

Arborescence hierarchique
In few clicks design, add, hide, link, sort, select, manipulate, exploit, process your data field and manage sharing and user access to each data item.

Data automation

Data processing
Design your workflow, action, event, data driven. Automate processes, procedures, monitoring, reporting, communication.

Data Analyzing

data analyzing
Build your reports, your dasboards in few clicks. Define rules, detect and refine events, simulate, do predictive analysis...

Answer is simple:

Just plug to Eralys Information Management System platform.

That's it!