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Compliance has become a sensitive issue, a major concern even in an increasingly regulated world. The complexity and number of elements and information to be continuously processed on a daily basis makes the use of tools almost unavoidable.


Indeed, in general, but even more so for regulated professions and activities, the rules, constraints and requirements have increased significantly.

To the point of making it a major risk and therefore imposing appropriate management, which requires devoting resources to it in order to exercise rigorous control over compliance with the rules and their application, and to be able to justify them and analyse the facts.


We won't go into all the details and numerous regulations here.

We simply deal here with certain specific and general elements applicable to any activity, with a particular emphasis on regulated activities such as notaries, lawyers, the health sector, finance, etc...




Know Your Customer (KYC)


This is a general, basic, common sense rule, but with globalisation, digitalisation, regulation has been strengthened, particularly for certain activities.


By using our Cloud Identification vérification solution, based on safe and confidential video-call and document-file upload you have the reasonable technical means to carry out the necessary checks and, if necessary, to be able to certify you proceed them.




Document identity



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Cloud solution offers some useful tools in relation to GDPR:

  • Cloud User Data Request
  • Setup of retention period of files


Eralys Cloud offers User data protection by design:

  • User access management
  • end to end encryption between device and the server + option file encryption on the server
  • Open software (no nation regulation applicable as e.g. US Cloud Act)
  • Eralys a EU company
  • Eralys dedicated servers only + option client dedicated server
  • ISO 27001 security standard environment
  • Finance, Health certificate options



Cloud User can submit a request

User Data Request
To obtain his data stored in the Cloud.

File retention setup

File Retention application
At the end of the retention period, file is deleted




Cloud solution offers useful tracking tools to allow checking on what append : User, Event, Files...

  • Activity tracking
  • User's data and files Access and Sharing
  • Data storage location
  • Comments



Cloud Activity application

Activity application
Cloud tracks events

User information

Vie privée
Who holds its data, who shares it,
and in which countries is its data stored.