It is YOUR responsibility above all to protect your data!

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Reverse roles


We have entered a world increasingly digitalized and connected, globalized.

  • insidiously, more and more information, including personal or private information, is collected, often on the pretext of bringing us (more) and better services...
  • the ease of communication and access to information, most often offered for free and by commercial operators specializing in communication infrastructure, has blinded us and spread us without limits, attention or precaution around the world;
  • finally we produce content, ours, and offer it totally gracefully. Clever (and not always well-intentioned) players capture, exploit and resell our data around the world with huge profits.


It is therefore high time to become aware and act because this is not inevitable. Admittedly, the intermediary and infrastructure operators, the companies, the banks, the administrations etc... need some of our information, as we need their resources, their services. And we want to communicate information.

But concerning our data, the information and the contents that we provide, we are the authors, the owners. Then we must regain complete control.


The control of our data comes first and foremost from ourselves. The protection of our data, our own protection, starts with our own behavior and is therefore primarily our own responsibility.

Without going into a societal debate, politics, for or against, or wanting to convince to give up services, we simply want to raise awareness about the problem.

All provisions, regulations and laws of the world, like the GDPR, can never protect you and your data as much as you can do by refusing their unlimited strewing and control.

We want to appeal to your common sense and, at our level, bring you some elements and concrete solutions, practical and easy to implement, to protect you and your data, both at the individual level and in business.


Let's start with the basics:

  • gather and put in as possible safe place your data, your documents, your conversations, your archives, etc...
  • have a complete, direct and permanent control over your safely data and over time,
  • have the means to manage your data, levels of access to your information and sharing, in relation to your needs, your relationships...



Eralys offers you a simple solution to implement, whether individually or for a company, an organization.



We will discuss in our next publications different topics and different practical cases that we will make available in our Use Case section. Follow us.