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The cases of hacking, ransom demands are multiplying, abruptly depriving you of your data and operational management tools. But there may also be other reasons that deprive you unexpectedly and completely of your data.


You find yourselves in a state of complete destitution, your activities stopped. Panic on board!
You are in absolute emergency!


It is generally impossible in these situations to reboot quickly, in a few minutes, hours,

Even with backup copies, it is not possible to reinstall instantaneously because in case of a hardware failure, an accident your hardware or premise is inoperable and,

In case of hacking, it is first necessary to find and eliminate the cause, re-install, re-configure, check, what means run complex, meticulous operations that take hours and rather days.

Your business, your services are interrupted with important consequences, all the more critical as it can endanger lives!


How can you do?


  • The first reflex is to go back to paper

This is not a good idea because you are without the data in your hands and retrieving it from paper documents, archives and so on may be materially impossible, in any case it is a considerable and time consuming work.

Not to mention that the result will probably be of low quality: errors, incomplete, not up to date...

To work with several people, it's complicated: duplicating, sharing, keeping up to date...

It's much too long, too heavy for your operational needs and your teams have a lot to do and everything in a hurry.


  • The second option is to setup a new system and restart from backups

This is also a bad idea, especially if our are in a hacking, ransomware situation.

It is only possible if your premises are available and if you have not too old data backups.

The process also will take you a lot of time, especially if you need to purchase hardware, software licenses, reinstall, configure, restore data, then test before you can start working again.

If you are a victim of a cyber-attack you cannot instantly restart from backups as is, because you don't know if your backups are infected. First you must search, analyze thoroughly, find and correct if infected, then test before restarting. Hours and rather days of work for experts.

It's much too long, too!


There is a much better solution

Opt for an immediately available and running alternative solution.

No waste of time, a more comfortable solution that provides you with all the necessary means and tools for an efficient daily operation very close to your existing before, with optimal teamwork.


Let us show you how we can help you, in all circumstances, thanks to the architecture of our Information Management System platform (I.M.S.)

You will be able to start working in just a few minutes !


First of all you need to find the master data of your customers, suppliers, partners, prospects, employees, because without this data you cannot communicate with them, you can do nothing !

  1. In a few minutes we put online a form to allow data entry,
  2. The form is personalized according to your activity and the information you need,
  3. Communicated to your third parties, it allows each of them to record their own data, which will require little time and ensures you up-to-date, and case of, you become useful information in relation to the context of each one.


Then, probably you will need more kind of master data, in relation to your activity, your industry. Key question here is the very great diversity of needs, the variety of data to be processed and more organizational aspects, even strong constraints.

I.M.S. allows to define data, listbox values, forms, screen, lists, filter, reports, documents, products, services, assets, process, automation, calculation, codifications, data record and field relation, events, tasks, projects, dashboard, groups, hierarchies, roles, rights, data import and export, and much more.

Multilingual, multi-currency, multi-tax system we know how to respond to your international activities if needed.

We adopt here the same approach for data reconstruction, for reasons of speed and data quality.

  1. In few minutes, we setup webforms, database, application screens, lists, reports and so on, customized to your needs.
  2. In few minutes, we setup secured and protected file upload space
  3. Probably some data volumes will be provided to you in files. We will import this data files.
  4. As possible, we will automate things for you to lightway your workload and smart your processes


  • You are freed from the heavy burden of reconstructing all the data yourself, and are available to work on other things
  • You will work very quickly quite as usual, with your data and using the whole capabilities of our intelligent I.M.S. system and collaboration, teamwork tools, and same organisation


Let say your are a hospital

  • You need to find all the patients and the appointments that were made, such as admissions, checking and operations. Probably you will have to reorganize, postpone,...  Planning is key and changes live!
  • You need to manage resources in accordance : rooms and beds, employees, doctor's, pharma and supplies
  • You need to have access to patient's medical details, files, IRM images, prescriptions,... (mostly copies are in patient's hands)


Can you have and manage this all in few minutes, some hours, and run efficiently, smart, daily during weeks with a paperwork approach or your own IT system restoration ?

We are sorry for you, but NO, YOU CAN NOT !


You don't believe it?
Then take a look, you'll be surprised how simple it is!


And for those who wish it, we offer our services

Rather than having to set up and run it yourself, just use it and manage your data and access,

No technical stuff to manage for you,

Data backup

Online support


Challenge us, you are welcome, because we love challenges and satisfy our users.


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