Giants, GAFAs more and more hurt!

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Market indicators


Giants, especially the GAFAs, are increasingly undermined in their global hegemonic positions and by American politics, not to mention startups and digitization with its disruptive effects.


The news published about two major players in IT are interesting to analyze.

They reflect the evolution of the market.


DROPBOX is transformed

DropBox, a pioneer for hosting and online file sharing services is evolving to make its platform collaborative.

The platform will allow you to create, edit Microsoft Office documents, Google Docs or manage Slack messages,...

MICROSOFT wants to impose its products

Microsoft imposes on its employees the exclusive use of its own products, and recommends users not to use products of its competitors (Dropbox, Slack, Google, Amazon, WhatsApp, Karpersky, etc ...), on the pretext they would not meet the security criteria ... including GitHub a reference entity for the developers of the world it has just acquired for a few billion dollars!


This proves two things


- the Cloud has become the essential model

- the Cloud broke the business model including the biggest world players.


Cloud is a "nebulous" term that covers a lot of things.
We will talk about Information Cloud for the storage and management of raw information media (files) and Application Cloud for application data processing functions using databases.



Digitalization imposes Information Cloud


In fact, with the digitalisation of the world, Information Cloud solutions have become the unifying element of the absolute convergence that breaks the boundaries between IT, multimedia and telecommunications by opening up, eliminating territorial models with its markets, as between the private and the professional world.


Two points of attention with Information Cloud

- Technology leads to centralization, concentration of information which increases data protection risks.

- The major players have understood that, custodians of your data, they can better know you and make you captive and dependent.


As an example, today you buy the Microsoft Cloud directly controlled by Microsoft, especially for Office 360, messaging, and indirectly through the servers of hosting partners, Microsoft licensed service providers, In reality, using these solutions, without your knowledge thank you, you have become even more dependent and therefore captive of Microsoft.


You must be aware of the issues because the Cloud has become an essential technology, fabulously interesting, but you must know how to exploit it and keep control of your data and keep your freedom.


We recommend that you set up your own Cloud.

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