Covid-19 - Make your life easier !

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The extension of the corona virus contamination lead the authorities of many countries and areas to impose restrictions and they change frequently and must be applied without delay!


In this context, how to adapt and make life easier?


Two operational aspects are particularly important because of the barrier measures:

  • distancing: which translates into a question of organising spaces, respecting thresholds in terms of the number of people, and optimising or limiting time slots,
  • tracing: which results in the identification of people in contact.


Therefore how :

  • optimise and fluidify the use of space for some?
  • making life easier for customers, citizens and consumers?
  • provide everyone with tools that allow simple, effective and appropriate tracking while guaranteeing data security and respect for privacy?
  • to adapt very quickly to changes with the least effort and cost, when the measures are exceptional and temporary?


We have come up with a neutral, mutualised, adaptable solution that meets the needs of everyone: individuals, organisations and institutions.

  • Gone are the days of different management solutions defined by everyone, sometimes approximate and impractical.
  • Gone are the problems of collecting and using, managing and protecting personal data.

We have decided to help everybody. How it works.

eCovid principe


This is where we can help individuals


Rather than providing or filling out x number of forms or registers at each location, each time, each day, record your contact details once and then simply pass them on in one simple gesture, click!

Furthermore, be absolutely certain that your information will disappear well and truly, without any possibility of being misused or concealed, automatically from the hands of those to whom you have entrusted it, the very day the applicable legal deadline comes into effect.


This is where we can help organisations


Rather than having to set up forms, registers and manage them manually, by your own staff, be satisfied with a notice of declaration and registration by your clients when you welcome them,

Offer your customers the ease of pre-registration with the advantage of anonymity, and make it easier and optimise your organisation in terms of scheduling,

You no longer have to worry about administrative management that is incumbent on you as a result of measures external to your activities,

Don't burden yourself, don't worry about managing and complying with the regulations on the protection of personal data,

Facilitate and simplify access to the information required by the teams in charge of handling contact persons.


This is where we can help authorities and health care, contact tracing teams


Rather than having to enquire and obtain media or information from the contact persons from each entity,

Rather than having to process information in various forms, more or less qualitative, or decipher manual writing subject of errors,

Rather than having to re-enter information in your format, by manual entry, at your level,

Get faster, easier access at any time, directly and to a unified system of management of digitised data, with better readability and quality, while probably dispensing with the need to manage the aspects related to the conservation and protection of personal data,

Save processing time by instantly identifying the contacts of a contaminated person by using available criteria and characteristics,

If necessary, have research tools and statistics at your disposal and retrieve, download anonymised data directly. 


Discover and adopt our special e-Covid solutions and make it easy

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