Emergency aid to the catering sector

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 03/15/2020 - 21:00
Corona virus


The extension of the corona virus contamination zones has led the authorities of many countries to decide to close the catering trade (as many other sectors).


Totally deprived of customers, therefore of activity and revenue, the survival of establishments in the sector is at stake !


What can we do ?

Since customers can no longer come to eat at a restaurant, these establishments may be able to go to them.

For all those whose home delivery is not the business model, they can convert to it.

By producing dishes, they can occupy their cooks and the rest of the service personnel can probably ensure the logistics of delivery to the customer who will either come and take delivery on site, or would be delivered to his address.

This can probably constitute a vital minimum survival factor and why not an opportunity for diversification and development.


So how can Eralys help ?



To switch to takeout or home delivery, you must let customers know and have an order taking service.

In the age of the Internet and the development of online shopping, it is important to be able to offer these services to the market.


This is where we can help.


We have developed a simple, basic offer, applicable everywhere and which is immediately available so that not a single day is lost !


What Eralys offers


  • We offer a personalized web page accessible by an address such as eralys.com/nom-du-restaurant
    This page presents your company, its address, a logo or an image, photo, your contact details and timetables.
  • We offer a personalized Order Form by which you can offer your dishes, menus and drinks and define the delivery methods. The customer enters his order online which is sent to you.


How it works



It is very simple !

  1. You send us a request and you provide us with the required information which must appear on your page and in your order form
    1. company name and identity with head office address and vat - fiscal id
    2. name of authorized representative
    3. business address
    4. call number
    5. hours of closings and services and as usual information to customers
    6. logo, image, photo you like to have on your webpage
    7. you send us your menu card détails, with dishes and drinks
  2. We prepare your web page with the online order form as soon as possible (on a first come, first served basis)
  3. After your validation, the service is open
  4. Customers place orders
  5. You receive orders by e-mail


What are the financial conditions ?



In this exceptional context, we have decided to provide our support, particularly to this sector.

Also, we charge you a single package of € 100 to cover our set-up and customization costs.

The basic services described here are provided without any volume limitation, remuneration or additional commission on sales.

Services are acquired to you under these conditions until May 31, 2020, possibly extended to June 30, 2020 depending on the situation.

For any question, please come in touch only by e-mail : helpdesk@eralys.com


For more options and services, please contact us.

For professional or institutional organizations which so wish, we are open to define with you an adapted service platform which would be dedicated to you as well as to your members or to the sector concerned. Contact us.