If you have an existing, capitalize but evolve, or build new to build your future.

If you are new, a start-up, make the right decision : focus on your project, your own activity and forget the implementation and operation of technologies and the management means. Start and evolve according to your needs. 

We are here to show you the way and help you progress.


tasks & missions
Focus on your tasks, your missions,
where you bring your added value

Forget & Use

forget & use
Forget technology,
too complex, mutant and heavy investments,
just use it as tools and resources


The world is moving fast and constantly, it is becoming more complex, technologies leads and are opening new horizons unknown, unexpected as well as they close some things.

That's live! It's time to change your point of view, your approach, your way of thinking and doing things.

We are there and help you for that!

Consider that there are 3 components that intervene and interact, but in a totally open environment, even virtual, and it is no longer fixed, static, sequential, structured and hierarchical.

Eralys is open minded and lives and works really global since 2005.

With activities and teams around the world we have adopted this basis and that new, different approach and we experienced technologies and solutions we use day to day ourself and with our clients, suppliers and partners.