Health & Wellness Industry Use Cases

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health & wellness


Health and Wellness cover a large scope and imply human


Health and wellness concerns individuals at the deepest and most intimate level. They are at the center, but so are many actors, institutions, organizations and stakeholders in the medical and paramedical sector (institutions and organizations in charge of public health, hospitals, doctors, caregivers, research, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists, NGOs and associations, ...).

Administrative management of individuals, institutions and organizations, actors of the sector and in relation with it.

Operational management: hierarchical, functional, operational organization, assignment, security, access, procedures and processes, reporting, human resources, material and equipment, appointments and planning, stock of drugs and consumables, medical file with operations, treatments, medication, care...

With a particularly sensitive subject concerning confidentiality, sharing, history and archiving, data protection.


Here we want to show you how our solutions can meet the needs and requirements in this area.