Health and wellness, a personal matter

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Each individual needs to manage his or her health data, both from an administrative and from a medical point of view.


For its multiple exchanges with the authorities, institutions, organizations, the medical and nursing profession, it must regularly produce and manage documents and administrative information. Most of the time the same documents are requested and must been managed throughout the time.

But more than that, it is the medical data that is important and very personal.

Keeping this information throughout one's life is all the more important because its availability can save one's life!


Here we will approach the subject from the point of view of individuals

The themes are the following:


  • have personal tools that we can use as we wish, for example in the context of sports activities, diets, to follow and analyze the evolution of our own parameters, health and well-being indicators,


  • constitute one's medical file, i.e. to gather, manage and archive all one's personal medical data. This throughout his life. Having this data is a necessity and a need to be able to exchange this information with the medical profession in the context of medical care and treatment,


  • create an administrative medical file, i.e. to gather, manage and archive all the administrative documents useful and necessary in the context of our relations with institutions, organizations and actors of the medical and public health profession as some others. 


The problem here is that the data is fundamentally, deeply personal and intimate and therefore must be and remain confidential, under control, while we must in various circumstances, in our own interest (sometimes vital), share some of it with various players in the health and wellness industry.

An adjacent issue is that in health, medicine, well-being, the evolution of data, measurements, parameters, treatments over time, over a lifetime is important, even essential. This raises the question of the conservation of complete archives over the long term and quick, simple access in case of need or emergency.


Individually, each one during his life will manage more or less well, archive all the information, the documents which concern him. Generally, in a disparate way, dispersed, incomplete, even without preserving them or by mislaying them for example at the time of a removal, of a change of life, place, following a fire. When to easily find an information, a document sometimes months or years later...

We are also confronted with the disparity and dispersion of our medical data because each country has its own health system and each of the actors involved uses its own organization and management system, his tools in which your data and documents are recorded, stored, duplicated and shared.


Think about the different doctors, hospitals, laboratories, radiologists, etc... who ask you for and keep your data. Think about what can happen when you stay elsewhere, in another country, in case of an accident or in an emergency situation. Also think about your smartphones, watches and connected equipment that you may lose, get stolen, break down.


This is why we offer you our solutions at your fingertips

  • Based on open source software
    • no software house backdoors
    • no license stuff
    • no dependence
    • no hidden, uncontrolled exploitation of your personal data by suppliers


  • Implemented on our own servers, and optionally a server that is entirely and exclusively dedicated to you,
    • you choose and know where your data go,
    • only at home in a workspace that you master and administer directly
    • you decide who, when, for how long accesses which of your data.




  • Compliant with the international security standards and requirements of the GDPR
    • for European data (also in your country if applicable)

    • ISO 27001

    • Health certifications


  • Up and running in no time, highly customisable and scalable
    • Modular, you can start with the service(s) of your choice, then add or remove a service in one click,
    • easily integrate one of our services into your existing system



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