Have your own cloud


Master your information

Today, and more again into the digital world your informations are scattered around the world in countless actors hands and apps, stored in numerous devises as smartphones, tablets, PCs and IT systems.

You do not know where your information is stored, who has access to it, and what use can be made of it.
Also you can not erase them or be certain that they really are.

Information is duplicated many times at many places which complicates their management, their updating and of course their destruction or erasure.

For privacy or business confidentiality, this is a serious issue.
And it is not only a question about data protection laws and regulation.


How can we do?

Common sense provides a logical answer: to made it possible and easy, you have to gather information in one place and in your own hands.


Begin thinking about the place

Although we are talking about digital information, when we talk about the place, we are talking about the physical place.

Of course, you have to take into account your situation and your needs because those that belong to a private individual are different from those of an organization, company or institution.

If your activities are international, for reasons of performance and sometimes also to comply with regulation, it may happen that the choice of a place is guided by these elements.

We only use better data centers. You can choose.

Have your own cloud

Forget about storing your information in the DropBox, Box, WeTransfer, iCloud, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive and others business clouds.

Revert the situation.
Use your own secured cloud to store all your files (pictures, videos, office, pdf, CAD, music...) and data (address book, contacts, todo lists,...) and manage access to your cloud or files (user account, groups, and sharing), public and time slot access.

Access your data from anywhere, use any device and do not worry about updating, backing up or protecting your data.
Consult directly online, and only if really necessary download the file.


Two option


Your own cloud
on a shared Eralys server


Your own cloud
on a dedicated Eralys Server


- Use your cloud to store the files you attach to your emails,
- If you have high volumes or want more security, protection, isolate your cloud and opt for the Dedicated Server option.


That's it!

Now you master your information and protect it!


Discover now some examples of what the Eralys cloud allows you to do.

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