Focus on task, mission and forget technology

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Focus on task and mission


Technologies and digitalization bring considerable possibilities that should make your life easier, more pleasant and allow you to produce your added value.


But they are only tools, means.


Have you ever thought about, how many applications and tools you use in your daily activity, in your job?


With smartphones, tablets, the cloud, legacy systems one thing is certain: the offer is plethoric and you use a lot. And all this distracts you and consumes a considerable part of your time, puts you under stress.



Isn't that crazy?



Don't let yourself be overwhelmed, find more serenity, a better work comfort


tasks & missions
Focus on your tasks, your missions,
where you bring your added value

Forget technology & Use

forget & use
Forget technology,
too complex, mutant and heavy investments,
just use it as tools and resources


Tell us your needs, we put the technologies and tools, the necessary resources at your disposal, in the form of Services you just have to use.


  • Bring together and unify your applications, your data, your communication and collaboration tools within a single platform to optimize, streamline and automate your processes and tasks.


  • Forget about multi-channel management, disparity, heterogeneity with their share of constraints and limitations, duplication, incompatibilities that penalize comfort, efficiency and put your treatments and security at risk.


  • Opt for the control of your data, of your processes with the benefit of a conformity and a global traceability offered by construction in the design of our platform.



Opt for simplicity and flexibility


Your legal, hierarchical, functional, operational and technical organization, your user management and their rights, your business applications, your documents and files, your collaborative, communication and exchange tools, all in one.


User-centered, each one can personalize his environment and choose his working language and currency, but also create his own events, tasks, lists, reports, dashboards, his personal indicators and can also decide at any time to share them with another User, several Users or a Group/Team.


Highly customizable, you need to manage additional, new data, define new criteria, new categories and filters, create new relationships, a new process or treatment, new document and form, automation, change a screen layout, define new data import, define colors codes for better readable data views.... all this is possible in just a few clicks, without any code writing and is therefore available and functional in a few minutes.
If you still need a more specific functionality or application, it can be developed very quickly for you as a plug-in because only the special features have to be realized.


A new need, a temporary need, a function that has become useless, a new technology, a need for integration with an existing one?

  • one-click activation and deactivation with usage-based billing

  • no installation or uninstallation process

  • no data migration

  • no loss of functionality or data

  • application interfaces (API), data import and export tools, automation for integration needs



If you are looking for such an approach, such a solution,


You should know that it exists, whether it is for individual, professional or personal needs of a very small company, a small business, a group, all professions and sectors of activity.



We will present this to you through a series of dedicated articles. Follow our blog to learn more.

For those who are in a hurry, they can of course contact us without delay.


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