File & content collaboration platform solution


Master your data (files and contents) while at the same time having all the modern tools for communication and especially collaboration.


Without cutting yourself off from the world, replace the majority of the tools and applications you use personally and professionally with a single file management, communication and collaboration platform.


How can we do?


Common sense provides a logical answer:

  • to made it possible and easy, to master your data and work and share with others, you have to gather information in one place and in your own hands
  • to protect your information and communication you must avoid being dependent on the powerful and invasive global players that exploit it and you.



Don't think it's impossible, too difficult. No, believe us, on the contrary, it is quite simple!


Because our clients, our users, our solutions, our practice is ultra diversified, globalized, and because our founders come from the genesis of IT, whose evolution they have accompanied since the 70s, and as entrepreneurs are fiercely attached to our independence, including financial,  

In this sense, and in this spirit, we have built for you our I.M.S. (Information Management System) infrastructure, entirely based on free software components carefully selected and integrated by us.


With us, it is you who directly administers your data, the rights of your users, who chooses the "services", the duration, and even the servers, the Data Center where they are hosted, as well as the backups, archives. And at any time you can take back your freedom and install the components and the data elsewhere or on your own computers on your premises.


Our vocation


Our vocation is to bring you in the form of "Services" what you will need, by hiding for you the complexity of the technology, because the immense majority of you do not wish to be or become a technical geek. As for your car, washing machine, aeroplane you just use them for the services they provide to you, but they are and remain black boxes for you on the technical and technological details.


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Have your private cloud

Concerning the storage and exchange of files, work on documents, written, audio and video communication tools which form the basis of collaborative work, we would like to introduce you here to the technological component of our infrastructure, which is basically a file storage manager an engine called NextCloud.

In addition to its interesting and undeniable characteristics in terms of file storage, it also has the advantage of being easy to integrate, in the form of plug-ins, tools and third-party applications, in particular the Office applications that are so common and so useful.



  • Forget about storing your information in the DropBox, Box, WeTransfer, iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other file storage apps.
  • Forget about Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and win freedom using LibreOffice, Collabora or OnlyOffice alternative free software plugged-in NextCloud (or stand alone)
  • Forget audio, video, chat, e-mail tools as Microsoft Team, Messages, Skype, Outlook and Social Media as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal, and retrieve freedom and full control of your data, pictures, messages, video, chat,...



Two Eralys options


Your own cloud
on a dedicated Eralys Server



You manage your private cloud, but the server is shared by several customers.

Clouds are segregated.



Your own cloud
on a dedicated Eralys Server



You have a separate server only for you and you manage your own(s) cloud(s).

More customized and safe, but more costly option.




That's it!

Now you master your information and protect it, are independent and can work, exchange, collaborate safely !


Discover now some examples of what Eralys Services As A Solution allows you to do.

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