Cybersecurity begins with simple things!

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Significantly improve your security.


Recent news shows a strong increase in attack cases of all types with targets as diverse as institutions, hospitals, construction, large groups, SMEs, SMIs etc...


Online forms are entry points, doors of vulnerability very widely used by ill intentioned actors who want to infiltrate your business because they are an open door and moreover they are intended to feed your information management systems, your internal processes, an ideal situation.

Whether for a simple contact, a survey, GDPR, a subscription, a job request, an administrative process, a payment order, a service request and so on... it's impossible to do without.


Why don't the usual protection really protect me?

You can set up controls, firewalls, security zones and so on but you must let pass the useful information that you need!

Therefore, the risk cannot be avoid.


How can you do?

The absolute parade is know and simple:

Cut all your physical links with your information management system.


Unfortunately, we are in a more and more connected world and this goes against your needs and those of your customers, suppliers, partners, your public, your employees, your users, your citizens and the contributions of digitalization...


This is why Eralys launches its Forms Delegation Services platform

You anonymize and completely isolate, even physically, your forms and its data entry from your own infrastructures.

Simple, fast and economical, just paste the Eralys code on your site!

Therefore, even if an intruder manages to introduce himself, to introduce a virus, a malware, a ransomware, he will be and stay only on Eralys' server but never can reach his target, you!



If you are interested in setting up our forms delegation solution, we developed the subject through our Use Case section.

For any question, please come in touch, you are welcome.