Cybernetic As A Service launch

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SIMulation Operation Control


Cases of piracy, hacking and ransom demands are multiplying considerably, and they now affect everyone: VSEs, SMEs, SMIs, large companies and groups, institutions, administrations, local authorities, all sectors, as well as governments.


With digitalization, mobility, remote working, e-business, IoT ... the number of vulnerabilities, the number of potential channels to conduct attacks are virtually unlimited.


There are two problems:

  1. everything in this field is constantly and rapidly changing
  2. for the vast majority of bodies, especially small and medium sized ones, it is impossible to put in place the teams and means necessary to deal with these problems


This is why we are launching a Cybernetic As A Service offer


What is it about?


We offer everyone the possibility of access to our Cybernetic Services Platform with the most advanced tools, as well as formulas and services provided by our specialized teams.


In this way, everyone, even small entities, will have the resources, the means to face the challenges.

  • no need to acquire, maintain and update highly specialized hardware and software components
  • no need to find and hire highly specialized experts (rare and expensive)


Of course, these services are open to everyone, including larger bodies, and we can offer them more elaborate solutions, a personalized and even a specific and dedicated platform.

But our primary objective is really to make available to as many people as possible the means that they would otherwise not be able to have, or would be very difficult to have and to use.


What is the goal?


We especially want to bring in this launch phase, given a particularly active context of attacks, pragmatic tools that target two aspects:

  • for the victims of attacks, to get out of a critical situation as quickly and safely as possible
  • for others, to allow them to prepare and protect themselves


How our tools can help


Let us briefly introduce you to SIMOC

SIMOC for SIMulation Operation and Control allows the creation of an accurate replica of your IT infrastructure.
With this, it is possible to develop operating scenarios with malicious artifacts, including zero day without affecting current services.
It is possible to include real elements in the SIMOC environment.


If you are the victim of a stroke.


Thanks to the reproduction of your IT architecture in SIMOC, the use of scenarios and the possibility to include real components:

  • the detection, identification of the nature and extent of the attack is easier and quicker
  • isolation, partitioning and restart scenarios can be tested in complete safety
  • important information on risks and consequences can be provided to decision-makers


To prepare and protect you


Thanks to the reproduction of your IT architecture in SIMOC, the use of scenarios and the possibility to include real components:

  • it is possible to evaluate without risk the vulnerabilities of your IT, this until its destruction, therefore to determine the impacts and the nature as well as the level of risk, which is not possible on a real installation
  • it is possible to safely test protective measures, different scenarios of isolation, partitioning, changes in architecture, introduction of new components
  • it is possible to organize cyber security awareness sessions and training to prepare for attack situations


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