With massive digitalization, exponential volumes of data, a nascent convergence between electronics and biology human processing and analysis capabilities are  insufficient and automation of treatments is essential, such as assistance of bots with artificial intelligence.

This technologies challenge us human because they challenge our being and the dominating place with control of the world we assign us. Impacts are dizzying on our scale from our point of view.

However, it seems illusory to want to fight against this evolution because it also opens us an extraordinary field of possibilities, including on our body, our health, our life.

It has become absolutely fundamental to be able to take into account to integrate them and interact. Both, to master the situation and to exploit the new landscape.

But automation, for example, will also free us from routine tasks that are not interesting to do and without any added value, without reaching our destiny and our human integrity. Solutions that are very simple bring great benefits.

In this environment, however, an element becomes very critical : security and protection.

Are you ready ?

Certainly to this question you will answer : NO.

With digitization, virtualization, mobility, big data and automation, artificial intelligence, difficult to keep pace and integrate all that.

The scope is so vast and the implications so deep, and we are just beginning to glimpse this abyss, this unknown world before us, that is quite normal.

Nevertheless, we can (must) prepair and move forward in an intelligent and progressive, a smart way. This allows to learn and to take advantage of certain technologies.
By adopting our Smart Hybrid Connectivity, our Information Management System and or our Data Mining and Analyzing services, you enter naturally into this new environment.
You will discover very concretely and daily the contributions as the absence of difficulties and risks in their implementation.
You will be surprised to discover the number and importance of inputs in your own environment and context.  An existing one build over last decades and still major and often again core components of organizations.

The key word that summarizes this is therefore "hybrid".

As technologies are young, feedback, skills and experts rare, it's not easy to try and to adopt it in your own environment, and materially it is not reasonable, prudent, economically profitable to embark on this areas and all at same time. That's why we offer our solutions and our skilled specialized teams to the market and made it available to everybody : individual, business, industry, institution, association...


With digitization and virtualization the scenario is in favor of threats.

- 50 Billion devices interconnected with the IoT till 2020

- Gap of 2,2 Millions of security experts till 2017

- silent attacks sponsored by governments, terrorists, etc...

- growing number of cyber incidents, including actions against governments


Unfortunately, security and protection in a cyber world is not only a question of access control and IT / network identification, anti-virus, firewall, DMZ, encryption and all this stuff.
Human factors, technology, business intelligence, process and procedures, back and shadow stuff, military, government, regulation compliance, contengency and continuation plans, data protection, energy and so much more are concerned parts and thus must be seen daily and continuously.

Ultimately this is a question of risk management because of course absolute security is a utopia.

Cybersecurity is for us the new first general strategical priority and also challenge.

Very complex and for which we must really work at a global level.

The skills are very rare and evolve permanently. Globalized, it is necessary to have actors of a great cultural diversity, bathing in the daily in all parts of the world. It is also necessary to ensure a permanent and global watch, have practice and specific connexions.

A high level of automation and artificial intelligence, data analyzing are fundamental but you also need the tool boxes technical and to educate, train the management and employees, for risks and crisis management.

That is why we offer our unique and innovative Cybernetic Services Platform.

We are here to help you progress into the future and to go safe

Concentrate on the essentials, where your added value lies.
We provide every one with the new technologies benefits to be immediately and concretely applied, daily, and make you ready to enter into the future, safe.


In a turn key become cyber and ready to lead into the future, learn to protect and go safe