Build your centralized digital personal health wellness data service space

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More and more, we are concerned about our health and well-being and we use consumer technological devices with apps on a daily basis


Running smartwatch

Smartwatches are commonly used and often associated with specialized apps,

just like the apps available on smartphones.

Products such as bicycles, sports equipment and appliances, kitchen and several domestic equipment,...


Today, each product manufacturer and seller provides its app.


We adopt them and use them for personal use,

but they also collect information that can be useful and important when it comes to our health care.



Whether you want to


perte de ventre

lose weight


analyze and improve your sleep quality


adapt or adopt a certain diet



analyze and reduce your smoking


Whether you are



a sportsman


a follower of wellness practices

surveillence medicale

subject to a follow-up, a medical monitoring





In all these cases you need to measure, record and follow the evolution over time.




We propose you to set up your own Health record



  • Save all your personal data,
  • Keep the history,
  • Visualize and analyze time line changes,
  • Build your digital medical data service space.




What benefits


  • Centralize all your information in your hands:
    Forget about searching in different locations, scattering data across different devices and enjoy a global read-only view,
  • Manual data entry or collection from specialized devices or your own files,
  • Access at any time from anywhere, on the move, abroad:
    Think of the time when you are on the road, get sick or have an accident, or simply forgot to bring a document: having access to your data can save your life!
  • All information and history available if needed you can provide or share with health professionals:
    Having access to your data with all the history can simplify and improve diagnosis by health professionals, and can save your life!
  • Protected data:
    Encryption option, in your hands only, automatic and remote backups avoiding loss or physical destruction at home.