Avoiding e-mail, the gateway for fraud and hackers

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Avoid e-mail


Free, impersonal, by the billions across the entire planet each day, e-mails and attachments send to billions adresses, of which each of us, your family members, your collaborators, are the ultra-majority vector for fraud, scams and hacking of all kinds.


Some examples

  • your receive an e-mail from your bank asking you a request to log in to update, confirm or reset information
  • your receive an e-mail that has an attachment or link that you are asked to click on
  • ...

Cases are endless and more and more sophisticated and adapted in real time to the context (e.g. Covid, Government measures, new laws, e-business,...)!


  • That's why the use of e-mails should simply be abandoned, reduced to a strict minimum!
    • in any case for exchanges with people, customers, suppliers, partners, employees, family with whom we have ongoing relations
    • and we especially refrain from exchanging files via attachments


How can you do?


Solutions to communicate and exchange with your interlocutors, and even occasionally and temporarily with identified or unknown third parties exist.

We will distinguish essentially two levels of solutions:


  • The context in which we exchange with interlocutors essentially and basically documents, files with comments around,
    • use a DataRoom
      • Basically, a private file storage system for which you have user access and rights management
      • In addition, there is the possibility of attaching and sharing comments, and even an integrated private instant messaging system. If necessary, some other collaborative tools.


Documents and Files exchanges needs


Some ideal use cases



  • The context of working with richer exchanges, procedures, a need for broader, more integrated management
    • use an Information Management System
      • Basically a business management system with elaborate functionalities allowing both the processing of data and documents, files
      • Moreover, which offers within it possibilities to comment, share, communicate, automate, process


For integrated Doc & File needs


Use cases


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