Eralys broadens its offer for cyber security

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 06/27/2018 - 22:14


Cyber security has become a major and absolutely fundamental challenge.

Eralys could not stay without an offer of services in this area.

The solution is called Cybernetic Services Platform


The rise of international tensions, the development of terrorism and extremism have been added to the increasing cases of fraud, misappropriation, malice, influence and manipulation, blockage or paralysis, even destruction itself.


The whole thing as the digital age revolutionizes our world with the development of big data, automation, artificial intelligence and interconnection with all objects.


It is no longer permissible to ignore cyber security.

Each of us, in our daily lives is concerned, directly or indirectly.


A very big challenge

Because of complexity of the numerous new technologies, global and very diversified data exchange, general influence and interactions, it needs very rare skills, knowledge, know-how and experts, as well as huge means and resources to secure.


It's very long, very difficult to set up and very complex to maintain effective continuously and endlessly. It is very expensive.


It's too much for one company.



The question is only to find a way to do it by a easy way and to limit the costs.


Use Cybernetic Services Platform and you will have quickly, easy, efficient and for low cost.