GDPR D +3 and now?

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 05/28/2018 - 17:35
Data protection regulation


Now we are !


All these last days you have been invaded by e-mails asking you to validate the fact we send you e-mails... or informing you on an update of the general conditions of sale and information.



And you will have noticed a considerable diversity in the messages, the way of presenting the things, and especially to gather your consent because this was of course the real priority for your senders : to keep the opportunity to keep your data and send you their marketing stuff.


In fact the vast majority of this messages do not conform to the principles and requirements of GDPR.


Why ?

Because the data held about you, the purpose, the treatment or the use must be presented, clear, unambiguous, understandable and every use case and information must receive an explicit consent (GDPR say).

However, most often nothing is said about the data and information held on you, the purpose and use are very general and vague or downright absent. Consent is collected by a single click, or worse by claiming that without reaction it is considered that you consent !

You will agree, we are far away from GDPR


This is not surprising, because e-mailling (to speak only of him) is the main tool for marketing for commercial enterprises, and the core business of so much companies.

It should also be known that according to recent polls, between 60% and 90% of companies, administrations and institutions said they were not ready !


If everybody sees the need to protect themselves, especially with regards to use without our knowledge as the GAFAs can do, we must recognize that the topics is very (too?) large and complex, and in such situation we do not know how to approach the things.


This is not a reason to do nothing, or worse to do it wrong or not sufficient !


The question is only to find a way to do it by a easy way and to limit the costs.


Use I.M.S. and you will comply quickly, easy and for low cost.