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Your own Facebook


The debate on the protection of personal data, positioning and practices of GAFAM is currently raging, with the detonator for the general public being Facebook's announcement of changes to WhatsApp's terms of use to arrogate to itself the right to collect and transfer data to the group (and thus exploit it for its benefit).


Added to this is the awareness of the dependency on these actors who have become hegemonic and, in reaction, a recent European willingness to regain more control, starting with that relating to data that has become a strategic asset, declined through regulation with the General Data Protection Regulation, and, more recently, the more political discourse, advocating a return to national and European sovereignty.


It is certainly more than time to rebalance things, but make no mistake, regulations (territorial and always subject to interpretation and circumvention) and a return to (territorial) sovereignty will not solve the problems in one model, the current capitalist system and a globalized civilization, digitalized and therefore using virtualized data which travels instantaneously across the planet ignoring borders.


So the real answer is to change the paradigm by reversing the situation as we advocate: don't entrust your data, keep it in your hands and let third parties ask you for access to the information they would like to obtain from you. Your data are private, personal and therefore constitutes your assets. It is therefore legitimate, normal, that you have the management of it.


So, how do you do it?

  • How is this possible in practice?

  • How can I do without Facebook, WhatsApp and others

when I have developed a taste for them and all my relationships, the whole world uses them and I wouldn't want to do without them?

It's actually quite easy and can be done immediately.
That's what we are going to present to you through a solution based entirely on free open source software that you can install and manage directly yourself, at home, for free.


The solution presented will also have the advantage of replacing, all in one, not only Facebook, but also Instagram, WhatsApp, proprietary tools for chat, audio-visual conferencing, Google Drive file storage, OneDrive, DropBox, Box, iDrive etc... proprietary office suites (e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, todo, office).


How it works

Based on a data storage tool that will receive all your data and that you administer, applications are added according to your needs, i.e. like Facebook (contacts, pictures, chat...)




As administrator, you master your data and you decide who can access and share your data and when.

  • you can welcome individuals : friends, family member, ...
  • you can define groups and groups of groups : best friends, school friends, family,...
  • you can create public open space without or with password protected access
  • you can connect with other spaces


You don't believe it?
Then take a look, you'll be surprised how simple it is!


And for those who wish it, we offer our services

Rather than having to set up and run it yourself, just use it and manage your data and access,

No technical stuff to manage for you,

Data backup

Online support


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