Living and working despite the coronavirus!

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Quarantine area


Quarantine and gatherings, contacts, transport and movement limited, prohibited or impossible...


The appearance and especially the dazzling planetary spread of this virus, if it poses health problems of course, also poses you very practical operational problems in your daily life, whether on an individual, family, professional or for your organization.


The main difficulty comes from the fact that it creates new situations and that it takes everyone and it is necessary to find solutions of urgency, knowing that the situation will evolve and last a certain time whereas it it is impossible to know how things and the situation will develop exactly and for how long.

The conditions, the contexts and the nature of the problems to be resolved are therefore considerable, from the most elementary to the most complex.


What are the issues ?

• be able to be operational immediately, in just a few minutes or hours,
• therefore easy to implement and operate,
• be able to meet a maximum of needs,
• therefore offer very complete, flexible and even customizable functionalities and tools, if possible "integrated" with an existing one,
• be able to adapt to any organization and any mode of operation,
• constitute a temporary solution for an unknown duration which is operationally, functionally and economically viable,
• therefore without requesting or fixing a commitment, and without having to pay for functionalities and tools which are not useful and which complicate handling and use,
• guarantee immediate reversibility and simple to implement,
• probably speak several languages ​​and perhaps deal in several currencies,
• maybe even know how to deal with different tax systems,
• guarantee the protection and confidentiality of data by meeting the ISO 27000 security standards or more specific to financial activities (PCI DSS) or health (HDS-EU - HIPAA-US) and in particular guarantee the storage of information is in Europe and where appropriate elsewhere on 3 continents, and in respecting the European directive of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You will agree that this list is already quite a challenge, isn't it!


So how can Eralys help you ?

This is what we will approach and illustrate very concretely in a series of articles that we will publish.



Let's start with the simplest and most urgent things: when meetings are no longer possible or very limited and restrictive.

[1] Dialogue and exchanging documents

You can of course call each other, but when we have to talk to several people, that both may be hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, and if we have to work with documents, this is not satisfactory.

The e-mail ? Yes, it allows comments and documents to be circularized, but not in large volumes and the dialogue is asynchrone, complicated, especially if many people are involved. You will also have big security risks.

Of course, there are tools as Skype, WhatsApp and some others, but cooperating  with others modifying together online documents, pictures, and keeping track of events and changes, then integrating them into a management, business process and in a IT system, a database, or into a collaborative tool is not trivial, not obvious… Also, it is very difficult to have control and it can cause problems in terms of confidentiality, security and in relation to the GDPR.

These solutions are practical, widespread, rather easy at first glance, but in reality they are not productive and pose real problems of confidentiality and security. They are above all individual, public tools. Their use should remain occasional for private and professional subjects. At the very least, this should not constitute a permanent means and should not be used for important exchanges.


What Eralys offers

If your need is mainly oriented and limited on the means of conversation - communication, file storage and exchange, with possibilities to share and work in groups and online documents, our Cloud Eralys solution will satisfy you.

Cloud Eralys an easy user interface on mobile, web and desktop and powerful integrated document collaboration and communication capabilities. Here some features :


  • Individual and group calls & chat (Mobile & Desktop),

  • Easy screen sharing,

  • Integration with file management and groupware tools,

Office tools

  • Online office Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Draw,

  • E-mail Client,

  • Calendar, Contacts,


  • Organize in folders and by users rights as you like,

  • Upload of files, pictures and videos you can manage and synchronize between authorized Mobiles and Desktops,

  • User, Group and public sharing,

  • PDF, Office files, pictures and videos online view,


  • Fully secure way through an encrypted connection,

  • User, Group File Access Control,

  • Activity audit trail.


If your need is more elaborate and must have application based on databases while offering management of documents, files and collaborative tools based on fine management of Users according to an organization and roles, our Information Management System (IMS) solution will suit you.

Here some features:


  • Reproduce or set your work organization, your codifications,

  • User, profile, role, hierarchy, group, sharing rules settings,

  • Screen - Data design tool to customize in few clicks to your particular needs,

  • PDF Document designer to reproduce your own quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices,

  • Import, export tools,

  • Tax system setting,

  • Currencies (each user choice),

  • Language (+20) (each user choice),

Documents Management

  • directories, lists, search, notes, comments, version, upload, download, PDF files online preview, link to any IMS object, quality plan, history, notification,

Office tools

  • Calendar, ToDo, Events, Contact,

  • E-mail Client,

  • E-Mail templates,

Application scope

  • Marketing,

  • Sales,

  • Inventory,

  • Support,

  • Project,

  • HR,

  • Finance,

  • ...


  • Automation, workflow, events, operation engine

  • Automated e-mail sending


  • Reports tools

  • Dashboard

  • Audit trail


Of course we respond to all the issues mentioned in the introduction.

If you are interested to know more about our solutions, please visit our Use Case section.

For any question, please come in touch, you are welcome.