2020 - Already in the future?

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 01/18/2020 - 11:12
change & transition

2019 marked the end of a decade. 2020 brings in a new one which will probably be rich in significant changes for our human societies.

It is never easy to distinguish the decisive moment, that when the old world fades in favor of a new modernity.

So let's step back. With the Agricultural Revolution a few thousand years ago the sedentarization of Sapiens determined the revolutionary characteristics at the time for urbanity and a whole new organizational model of our societies. Then, we knew the Industrial Revolution signing the irruption and even the technology leading which determined the organizational characteristics of our companies and work, of our societies, of jobs and of our education system, as it has determined the model and generated the financial system, all of which brought us into the era of consumerism, of always more.

Now we can see it, we have entered a new era, a new dimension and we can talk about the Digital Revolution.

It is now time to become fully aware of this, because this revolution, like the previous ones, brings its fundamental changes that will define our future.

At all levels, the essentials, the foundations of our historical models are overturned!

Mobility and globalization have become our daily lives, exchanges are no longer carried out according to an institutionalized, hierarchical, territorialized, sequentially and asynchronous model, but in an individualized, unstructured manner, in continuous parallel flows all over the place according to a global architecture of the neural network type, finally, deep societal changes are already underway to touch the intimate, the deepest of humans, of Sapiens himself.


  • territoriality with all the organization and the models associated with it no longer really make sense,

  • institutions, political systems, organizations are destabilized, overwhelmed, deprived and even overthrown by social networks which with their gigantic continuous flows, all over the world, are in direct, instantaneous and permanent interaction with all of humanity,

  • the financial system with its model has already approached its collapse in 2008 and the measures taken to save it have made it a generator of bubbles and therefore of risks, factors of permanent instability and we can clearly see that we are no longer able to exit. The level of risk has risen considerably. New completely free currencies, independent of financial and state institutions, universal and digital have appeared and question the need and the existence of banks and all the actors of finance who today drive our societies,

  • social-economic models have also become obsolete. To take only this single subject: almost 50% of  existing jobs will disappear in the decade to come (and probably as many companies with them). Today, you already have to change your profession, activity, company, place of life, several times in your life,

  • bio-technologies are overturning social structures, health and opening up unimaginable fields of possibilities.

Taken in everyday life, your habits, your models and your culture, you certainly have a hard time imagining this new universe and the importance, the impacts of these changes and those that will occur. Yet we are already well on the  way and we will still have to take into account demographic and climatic changes, the environment and the resources issues that are adding their share.

The past and the present will not save us. Life is change, adaptation, and we Sapiens we owe it to them to exist, right!

You will understand, at Eralys we have a vision and we are convinced that action must be taken without delay.

Above all, it is necessary at this beginning of 2020 to put oneself in phase with the existing context of the new era, while trying to get in capacity to be able to evolve, adapt and if possible master the fundamental, vital changes to which we will be confronted.

Don't think it is complex, difficult, impossible, too expensive!

Indeed, even in your context with your existing and without calling on the latest new technologies, without throwing everything away or suddenly upsetting, it is possible to do a lot of things. Easy small steps, within everyone's reach.

At Eralys we want to guide you, assist you on a daily basis on this path, in a very pragmatic way, by providing you with solutions with technological resources adapted to your needs and according to the evolution of the environment, the context, new models that will be built.

Come discover and build the future with us, and before we wish you an excellent and exciting year 2020!